Performance metrics combined with robust technology

Performance metrics combined
with robust technology.

Reliable data and technology helps you focus on target returns by supporting your trading strategies, reducing human error and ensuring accurate track record reporting. Easily customizable client reports can include accessible attribution, performance, allocations, long/short breakouts, underlying fund components, historical statistics and more.

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Satisfy reporting requirements
and maintain consistent branding.

Time is money. Tailor reports for each client with little effort, creating custom benchmarks, synopses, aliases and cover pages. Own the client experience simply by uploading your logo, which quickly appears on the PortfolioAnalyst portal, client reports, emails, updates and disclosures.

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Satisfy reporting requirements with consistent branding

Highlight your distinctive value.

Your clients want to know what makes you different. Our presentation-ready reports put focused data at your fingertips and are designed to help you shape discussions around each client's interests.

Prove that your bespoke portfolios beat benchmark returns and turnover year-over-year. We realize that your value is more about wisdom than watchlists, but when it comes to watchlists you will be hard-pressed to find a better tool.

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Highlight your distinctive value
GIPS® verified money and time-weighted returns

Provide and maintain
GIPS® compliance.

Manual reconciliation is no longer needed with our verified returns. With global regulation intricacy on the rise, we offer GIPS® verified money and time-weighted returns across composites, firms, currencies, and countries to support you in your efforts to provide reliable performance. In accordance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), developed by the CFA institute, we strive to assist you uphold complete, fair and transparent performance with our verified calculation methodologies. Our online and reporting tools give you flexible functionality to view composite and portfolio level returns.

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Deliver trusted,
extensive analytics.

Eliminate the hassle of delivering custom performance reports to clients, prospects, and executives alike. Our automated dashboards, email, FTP, and sFTP delivery options easily keep pace with today's fast-moving markets. Group derivative performance by issuer, generate annual income projections, unlock the components of 10,000+ funds, identify areas of exposure and deliver inception portfolio statistics. With years of experience, dedicated software engineers, and detail-oriented quality assurance professionals, PortfolioAnalyst delivers.

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Deliver trusted, extensive analytics.
Your data is safe

Your data is safe.

PortfolioAnalyst understands and values the trust you place in us to safeguard confidential data. We use industry standard security measures when linking your accounts with PortfolioAnalyst and follow strict operational guidelines regarding access to your data.

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